Swap over Shop

Start a clothing swap with your tribe to eliminate planetary destruction and fast fashion

Fast fashion is a known destroyer of our environment, atmosphere, clean water resources and countless human rights issues around the globe. Harmful dyes & plastics, endless emissions, underpaid labor are all the unseen costs behind our "affordable" mainstream clothes. If you're curious about fast fashion check out the Netflix documentary, "The True Cost."

Thankfully awareness of these issues is on the rise and more companies are doing their part to reduce their impact as much as possible while also supporting conservation efforts!

Brands like these are paving the way for how business should and will be conducted in the very near future. However we all know the age-old story of big business and big industry always holding the power, and in the fashion industry they certainly still do.

BUT, per usual, THERE IS HOPE! In addition to all of the mindful up-and-coming brands out there, there is something we can do TODAY to stop feeding the earth hungry fashion monster!

Step 1- Gather all of your old, unwanted, never going to wear again bits and bobs.

Step 2- Hit up all of your coolest friends (or even create a community/facebook event) and plan a FREE clothing swap.

Step 3- Show up, shop a ton of cool free stuff and simply donate what's left behind!


That's it. The big solution that is quite possibly the funkiest and most fun way to make your wardrobe more sustainable. This idea has been such a big hit for me and my friends and everyone has always left with some great scores as well as a freshly cleaned out closet! I've been hosting swap parties 2-3 times a year and everyone loves getting together to have some thrifty fun. We always donate any left over items to the local shelters, schools and charities so it's a big win all around!

Obviously, it can be really hard to find EVERYTHING you want at an event like this but it is a fun, unique way to shop throughout the year while preventing the purchase of "new" items. We vote with our money everyday and if we are smarter and sparser with our choices, we can make a massive collective impact.

This year I am so excited to be hosting a pop-up FREE Swap Shop at the NZ Spirit Fest 2020 in Waimauku, New Zealand in collaboration with Tanglewood Retreat!

Have any questions about how to get started with setting up a clothing swap? Message me at kaylaoceana.create@gmail.com or on instagram and I can help you come up with some fun ideas and answer any questions you may have!